September 04, 2012


While I was in Kyoto, my friend, Nana and Ogu took me to Noma, beautiful gallery / select shop of house wear. 

Kyomi-san, the owner just open this shop little less than a year ago and it has already been very popular and getting lot of attention and written by many magazines.

Nana is a good friend of the owner and I became friend with her.
She is coming to visit me in Berkeley in November that I am very excited to see her again !nes.  

She also just open a cafe next to it.
I love this hand written menu !

This cafe calls & Noma Cafe.

This was Kyo-Vegetable dish I had. It came with a cold soup.

I didn't take enough photo but this cafe is also very cute. You can see more photos here... 

Enjoy visiting here !
It's near Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.