October 29, 2012

✿Harvest Fair at Waldorf School

Two of my friend's children goes to Waldorf School in El Sobrante, not too far from Berkeley and the school hosted a Harvest Fair a few weeks ago.  I was lucky to have a booth to sell my hats at the fair !  There were about 20 vendors and they were selling like felt dolls, tutu dress, wood toys etc...

My friend made this jump rope making room sign with actual jump rope.  

There were some fun events during the fair like fairy tail room and Russian tea room and more...

oh, speaking of fairy tails, I actually saw two fairies back in April this year...
When I walk up in the morning, two of them were jumping around on my face by my lip.
I knew they exist but to see actual fairies were such a wonderful experience for me !

This is one of the kindergarten room in natural wood furnitures and toys in dreamy colors.
Mix of age 4 ~ 6 years old children play, eat and sleep here.

Very nice sanding play area inside the kindergarten room.

I walk around the school and there is a cute chicken house. (chicken cage ?) 
Play area were all built with wood and so simple.

Nice mini stage area...

What a great environment for children to learn and to play...
I enjoy spending the time there and having a booth for my hats !! Thank you !

October 19, 2012

✿New Website !

Hello, I just made my new website and it's up now !
I used to have a fancy website which was created by a web designer friend who has big clients as NIKE etc... but the problem was that I couldn't update it myself.  So now I have a website that I can handle myself. 

It's very simple but most of the information I want to show are there...
Please, have a visit to my new site !


Thank you