November 30, 2012

✿Beautiful Sushi

So... I wrote about dance and calligraphy performance a few days ago and I wrote that we had sushi catered by DELICA from Ferry Building.
I have more photos of the beautiful sushi plates to show you !

They were all small and easy to bite at once !
These sushi were made by the executive chef of DELICA, Mikiko Ando and these sushi were the most beautiful sushi I've ever seen !

You usually see Nigiri-sushi at the restaurant but these round ball sushi are called Temari-sushi.  Aren't they so cute ?

TemaRi-Sushi(zushi) is small ball sushi and TemaKi-Sushi(zushi) is hand roll sushi... (sounds similar but they are different type of sushi)

16 kinds of grain mix makes it pink rice.

The executive chef, Mikiko Ando teaches sushi making and knife technique class at DELICA !
It maybe fun to take her class when she has new class again if you are interested in making sushi !
I highly recommend DELICA sushi catering, wonderful presentation and of course fishes are fresh !

November 27, 2012

✿Dance & Calligraphy

My friend Tomoko had dance and Japanese calligraphy performance a few days ago at Kappa Zakka in San Francisco.

Our friend Hiroe had hair styling show during the performance.  

She is left handed, but she has beautiful brush stroke on her right hand.  
It was really amazing !

Oh, I remember my brother used to take calligraphy class twice a week when he was small.  He is left handed but my parents send him to calligraphy class so he can write better with his right hand.  They basically wanted to fix his dominant hand to right hand.

I think we only supposed to do calligraphy with right hand so it must be so difficult for him to do with right hand because even right handed people can not write good calligraphy that easy either.
Now he writes in right hand but he can only use left hand for scissor and knife.

So... I give a big credit to Tomoko who does such a beautiful writing  with the non-dominant hand.

There were beautiful sushi catered by DELICA from Ferry Building.

I made this Mattcha (green tea powder) strawberry cake ! 
I was happy everyone complimented my cake ! yay...

It was a lovely event with my lovely friends !  
I enjoyed it so much. 

November 23, 2012

✿Event at Kappa Zakka

Please, excuse my very short notice about the event tomorrow that I'm involved.
My friend Tomoko Ide is doing  live Japanese calligraphy and dance performing tomorrow at Kappa Zakka in Hayse Vally, SF.  
I'm excite to see how her performance will be !

Kappa Zakka is a new shop that carry lots of items from Japan and products from local artists.  They sell my ceramic dishes and hemp fabric products and soon my hats as well !

They have a beautiful garden in the back and that's where Tomoko is performing with a Shakuhachi player Hideo-san.

I will be selling my hats and Christmas felt ornaments tomorrow !

This event starts at 2 pm and there will be sushi catered by Delica from Ferry Building.  I also just made Mattcha (green tea powder) strawberry cake to bring !

This is a very short notice but I hope you can make it !!

At: Kappa Zakka 
460 Grove Street, San Francisco.
(between Gough and Octavia, one block from Hayes Street)
Starts at 2 pm ~~~
Music by Hideo
Hair and make by Hiroe 

November 11, 2012


Not too long ago, there was an opening reception of SKETCHTRAVEL at Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.  

This SketchTravel is a  "Sketch Book" that passed from one artist to another artist, traveled 12 countries in 4 and half years, total of 71 artists including world famous Hayao Miyazaki and Frederick Back.  

On the red wall, Mr. Hayao MIyazaki's illustration.

They gathered the fund by KickStarter in August to September this year.  By the time I donated some money, they had already reached their first goal.

They are still excepting donation to have another show in Japan as well. 
If you would like to donate, here is their KickStarter page. (The next goal is $25,000)

At the museum, they were some pictures showing how this sketch book traveled from artist to artist.  
The photo in the center, Daisuke Tsutsumi who had the visionary idea of The SKETCHTRAVEL and at his right, Hayao Miyazaki who illustrated the last page of the sketchtravel.

~ its in English & Japanese ~

THE SKETCHTRAVEL  Check out the web site to see more details...
Watch this animation created by Daisuke Tsutsumi

This art show ends February 3rd 2013, so you still have plenty of time to stop by !

If you understand Japanese, read this interview, 
its really fun !
He is talking about how he met his wife (she is my friend) and Hayao Miyazaki and also many interesting stories about the SketchTravel.

November 05, 2012

✿Plates & Coasters

I have been working with clay for over 14 years now and I still enjoy and I really feel its type of meditation for me.  

Collector Art Shop on College Ave in Berkeley has my new pieces for sale. 
I love working with red clay as well !

These are coasters...

I know some of are sold already but please stop by the shop to see my new pieces !!

Collector Art Shop
2950 College Ave. Berkeley CA 94705