November 30, 2012

✿Beautiful Sushi

So... I wrote about dance and calligraphy performance a few days ago and I wrote that we had sushi catered by DELICA from Ferry Building.
I have more photos of the beautiful sushi plates to show you !

They were all small and easy to bite at once !
These sushi were made by the executive chef of DELICA, Mikiko Ando and these sushi were the most beautiful sushi I've ever seen !

You usually see Nigiri-sushi at the restaurant but these round ball sushi are called Temari-sushi.  Aren't they so cute ?

TemaRi-Sushi(zushi) is small ball sushi and TemaKi-Sushi(zushi) is hand roll sushi... (sounds similar but they are different type of sushi)

16 kinds of grain mix makes it pink rice.

The executive chef, Mikiko Ando teaches sushi making and knife technique class at DELICA !
It maybe fun to take her class when she has new class again if you are interested in making sushi !
I highly recommend DELICA sushi catering, wonderful presentation and of course fishes are fresh !