November 27, 2012

✿Dance & Calligraphy

My friend Tomoko had dance and Japanese calligraphy performance a few days ago at Kappa Zakka in San Francisco.

Our friend Hiroe had hair styling show during the performance.  

She is left handed, but she has beautiful brush stroke on her right hand.  
It was really amazing !

Oh, I remember my brother used to take calligraphy class twice a week when he was small.  He is left handed but my parents send him to calligraphy class so he can write better with his right hand.  They basically wanted to fix his dominant hand to right hand.

I think we only supposed to do calligraphy with right hand so it must be so difficult for him to do with right hand because even right handed people can not write good calligraphy that easy either.
Now he writes in right hand but he can only use left hand for scissor and knife.

So... I give a big credit to Tomoko who does such a beautiful writing  with the non-dominant hand.

There were beautiful sushi catered by DELICA from Ferry Building.

I made this Mattcha (green tea powder) strawberry cake ! 
I was happy everyone complimented my cake ! yay...

It was a lovely event with my lovely friends !  
I enjoyed it so much.