December 28, 2012


My friend, Santigold was in town from Brooklyn NY.

She performed at Oakland Fox and the concert was so amazing.
I catch cold that day but I didn't want to miss her show so I went and I had such a great time.

I love her new album and the stage dresses were so nice as well.  She always bring two female dancers and I enjoyed watching them so much.

December 27, 2012

✿Jasko's Holiday Cards

These holiday cards were painted by Jasko. (my husband)
He painted each boys in Soccer jersey and they are kicking the soccer ball.

I thought they are so cute and it's so nice that he did that... !

December 26, 2012

✿X'mas Eve Fiesta

so... I went to a Christmas Eve Fiesta at Lauren's house.  They had "Mexico" as a theme so I tried to dress up like Frida Khalo.
Lauren's X'mas tree was so gorgeous.

There were so much more deserts than in this photo...
I think I tried everything ♡

Such a beautiful decoration... Lauren has such a great taste for everything.

Lauren gave me a beautiful necklace as a gift and I love it so much.  The box and wrapping paper were beautiful as well !

Lauren, Pattie and I...

After the party, when we arrived at home and looked at the moon, Jasko and I catch the beautiful moment of the moon. There was a perfect cloud circle around the moon.  
I've seen even more clear one like this about 16 years ago with my good friend, Kayo and I was wishing to see this rare moment again and I did, this time with Jasko. 

December 24, 2012

✿Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !
It's Christmas Eve today...

I'm going to a party that has Mexican theme tonight and I'm trying dress like Frida Khalo...
Let's see what I can come up with...
These photos are my Christmas decoration for this year...

I wish you a wonderful Christmas !

December 23, 2012

✿Dinner Party at Lauren's

Lauren Invited me and my husband for a dinner party at her beautiful house little while ago.
Everything she has are so beautiful... 
Astier's plates are so beautiful and I like that she is mixing several kinds of plates.

This is like a dinner party I only see on magazines...
but so happy I was actually there...

She made such a great meal and this chocolate cake was so delicious as well.
Lauren can paint, calligraph and cook so well !
I admire her so much...

December 22, 2012

✿Calligraphy Class 4

I am attending calligraphy class again for this season.
My writing got little better than last year.

I love Lauren's (teacher) living room.  I love all the colors.  All these supprise balls are from the Tail of the Yak which is Lauren's shop in Berkeley.

Lauren's good friend, Kathleen made the salad and cute ginger cake for the class.  She always makes delicious food for each classes.  They don't only taste good, they look so pretty.

We use potatoes to clean the ink on pen...

This is the talented painter, calligrapher, beautiful shop Tail of the Yak co-owner, Lauren.   She is wearing the Dosa dress in front of her painting while we were singing birthday song to her.   Happy birthday, Lauren.

Olives from her garden...
She always decorate the tables with plants from her garden.
I just love going to Lauren's house...

December 03, 2012

✿Wire Wreath

For this holiday season, I made these wreath with millinery wire.  I decorated eucalyptus and cedar rose corns with millinery flowers and leaves.

These wreath are available at Kappa Zakka in Hayes Valley, San Francisco and Collector Art Shop on College Ave. in Berkeley.   
Please, have a visit !