December 22, 2012

✿Calligraphy Class 4

I am attending calligraphy class again for this season.
My writing got little better than last year.

I love Lauren's (teacher) living room.  I love all the colors.  All these supprise balls are from the Tail of the Yak which is Lauren's shop in Berkeley.

Lauren's good friend, Kathleen made the salad and cute ginger cake for the class.  She always makes delicious food for each classes.  They don't only taste good, they look so pretty.

We use potatoes to clean the ink on pen...

This is the talented painter, calligrapher, beautiful shop Tail of the Yak co-owner, Lauren.   She is wearing the Dosa dress in front of her painting while we were singing birthday song to her.   Happy birthday, Lauren.

Olives from her garden...
She always decorate the tables with plants from her garden.
I just love going to Lauren's house...