December 26, 2012

✿X'mas Eve Fiesta

so... I went to a Christmas Eve Fiesta at Lauren's house.  They had "Mexico" as a theme so I tried to dress up like Frida Khalo.
Lauren's X'mas tree was so gorgeous.

There were so much more deserts than in this photo...
I think I tried everything ♡

Such a beautiful decoration... Lauren has such a great taste for everything.

Lauren gave me a beautiful necklace as a gift and I love it so much.  The box and wrapping paper were beautiful as well !

Lauren, Pattie and I...

After the party, when we arrived at home and looked at the moon, Jasko and I catch the beautiful moment of the moon. There was a perfect cloud circle around the moon.  
I've seen even more clear one like this about 16 years ago with my good friend, Kayo and I was wishing to see this rare moment again and I did, this time with Jasko.