December 31, 2013

✿Christmas Eve

I know half of the world has started 2014... but I am here in Berkeley California and it's still 3 pm in the afternoon. Trying to post blogs before 2014 arrives.

I went to Lauren's Christmas Eve party !
Ton's of presents and gorgeous tree.

Beautiful Madame Lauren and Madame Pattie !
I was so glad to be there and had beautiful Christmas Eve.

On the Christmas day, I went to my friend, Mayu's place for dinner.
She makes the best food and we had little bit of Japanese influenced Christmas dinner.
I made a Mattcha cheese cake to bring for dinner but I couldn't go to sleep until 5 am that night because of the caffeine effect.  haha...

December 30, 2013

✿Chez Pannise

Some special people took me to Chez Panisse restaurant right before christmas !

I had such a great time with great people !
Our table were specially decollated with gardenia and our menu had our name ! (is that normal ?)

Pretty desert !

What a nice treat !!
Thank you Alice & Lauren !

✿Last Tea Ceremony 2013

This is my Tea Master, Yuko-san.
I have " Okeiko " (lessons) 2 ~ 3 times a month in this beautiful tea house in Yuko-san's Japanese garden.
Many tea tools changes by the season and also the way we serve tea changes according to that, for example, where the cup locates, the direction of bamboo ladle rest on pot are so precise and we learn to master every steps.   It's too complicated to explain but there are lots of rules we have to master.  
Tea ceremony is all about " Omotenashi " meaning treating the guest with gracious hospitality.  
Japanese culture pays attention to treating others with more respect and more and more I discover little things we do in tea ceremony, I am understanding that tea ceremony is the core of our culture. 

Yuko-san made these beautiful tea sweets.
That was my last lesson of this year.

I started learning tea ceremony in 2011 and I feel little more comfortable to serve tea to my tea mates now but I often forgets some steps.  I would like to serve more beautifully and I hope my tea master let us invite friends again to the tea house.
 * see when I invited my friends as my guests HERE

Now, I am so looking forward for " Ohatsugama "  (New year's first tea ceremony) . We will have Osechi and Ozoni (Japanese New year's traditional food) and of-corse Maccha tea and sweets.

December 25, 2013

✿Merry Christmas !

I went to Lauren's beautiful christmas eve party last night and I had such a great time. (I will post about it later...)

Now, I'm posing this blog from my bed. I can't get out of my bed this morning... well, it's already 1:3o in the afternoon.  I have very low energy... very tired... I hope I didn't caught a cold from my husband.  My husband has been sick and he stayed at home yesterday and watched 5 movies on Netflix.
I'm going to a dinner party at my friend's house in several hours so I want to rest little more on bed, I think...
I'm so glad I already made a Matccha cheese cake yesterday to bring tonight so I get to be lazy on the bed...

Also, I have many things I want to post on blog which I haven't been for almost a month.
I am planing to post little more often for next several days... ( I hope )

After the big storm, I picked up lots of blanches and made a wreath. 
I think it came out very pretty. I made this for Lauren who had a birthday and I enjoyed looking at it for a few days before I gave it to her. 

November 27, 2013

✿Tail of The Yak, My Favorite Place

This shop is so special, its nothing like it... 
Full of beautiful things from Europe, South and Central America, Asia and some from Africa, like antique jewelries from 18th century Britain and France, inovative staionary from Japan and old textiles from Ukulain.  

These photos were taken a few months ago...
and now they have christmas decollation you must see!

Very Magical place...
soon, I will post how this shop looks now for the holiday season !

November 26, 2013

✿Harvest Fair at Woldorf

It was my second time I had my hat booth at East Bay Waldorf School harvest faire.  I was so glad that I had many return customers who were looking for me to be there again this year.

I saw many cute vendors had cute things, too...
like this...  dolls !

My friend painted 7 panels for each activity areas. This one is for the fairy tail area.

This one is for Sleeping Giant area.

November 10, 2013


My friend Sawa-chan made these beautiful Wagashi (Japanese sweet) called Nerikiri which is made with Anko (sweet bean paste) for out tea ceremony lesson. Aren't they so beautiful?
There are black bean Anko inside and pumpkin and white Anko outside. (if remember correctly)
We eat those sweets while we drink Matcha tea at tea ceremony. 

Everyone loved the taste of it too! 
I don't like Wagashi taste but I appreciate the beauty of it.
Thank you Sawa-chan.

October 29, 2013

✿Lauren Mcintosh

~ Innocent And Urban ~

Madame Lauren is having her art show at Oakpolice in Oakland right now.  I visited at the opening night.

Lauren is someone I admire a lot as an artist, as a business owner and as woman. 
I love her art work and the way she decorates her shop, Tail of The Yak as well as her beautiful home.  

My favorite shop, the fantasyland, Tail of The Yak has been there for 41 years and has so many funs from all over.  Lauren and other owner, Alice has such an amazing sense of finding the rare things and decorating the shop in magical way.

Lauren is such a beautiful person in and out.  
She always makes me feel that she cares about me and  share her thought and time with me.  I am so happy that I met her and I feel close to her.  
Lauren, I am so grateful that you are in my life, you are such an inspirational person to me.

She was wearing a linen dress that had her art work printed on...  so lovely...

Go see the show and enjoy her world !

How about visiting when Oakland Art Murmur on First Friday or Saturday Stroll day !

Oakopolice Creativity Center
447 25th Street
oakland, CA 94612

October 22, 2013

✿Anandamayi Arnold

This is  Anandamayi who makes the surprise balls for Tail of The Yak.
She was wearing crepe paper dress she made and making netted balloons in front of the shop on the day of Elmwood Street Fair.
I was also selling my hats next her as well.

She even made this paper mache goat which is displayed at Tail of The Yak.


Asian Pear Surprise balls... 

Muscat Surprise ball...

Fig Surprise ball...

Melon surprise balls...

All these Surprise balls are warped with many yards of crepe paper and has 10 different little surprises inside.  It's one of the most popular items and only sold at Tail of The Yak.

October 14, 2013

✿Hemp Apron

I made these aprons for the Ippuku Japanese restaurant in Berkeley.
The owner of Ippuku ordered these aprons for all the waitress.  I put all the girls initial on the pockets. 
I love Ippuku restaurant because my friends works there as waitress and chef.  They have many tasty dishes and owners are very nice people.
My favorite from Ippuku is squid ink fried rice !!  Teuchi soba is yummy too !

I haven't gone there since I made these aprons and I can't wait to see them wearing them.
I will visit soon !

This one is for my friend who works at the bakery in San Francisco.  She wanted a full length apron.
She also wanted a little removable pocket to put Iphone so that she can listen music while she is at work but when she is near hot oven, she wants the Iphone pocket to be put away.

I have been making lots of hemp fabric towel lately.
It dries quickly in the bathroom and I like the feeling of it.
Hemp fabric is so wonderful !!

October 05, 2013


I made a special order of indigo cotton Happi to a customer, Pauletta who is interested in Japanese culture.
" Happi " is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat that artisan and fireman used to wear. 

I did lots of free style Sashiko stitches.
I think red and white curvy and straight lines of stitches are complimenting each other.

Pauletta is traveling Paris right now and wearing it while she is there.  I can't wait to see her photos of Paris.

September 11, 2013


At the end of each calligraphy session, we do craft in the afternoon.
This time, we made flower garland.

I put it in my bed room wall !

Co-host of the class, Katherine cooks snack for us for each classes and she gives us all the recipes.
I followed her recipe and made clafouti four times already and I love it so much !

This is the teacher, Lauren and her dog.
She always dresses lovely !

September 07, 2013


I will be selling my hats and hair accessories at two events in this month.

Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.
September 15th, Sunday
Hayes St. and Octavia blvd.
I will be near Miette (candy & cake shop)
11 am to 6 pm

* Elmwood Street Fair on College Ave and Ashby Ave. in Berkeley.
September 22nd, Sunday
I will be in front of Tail of The Yak.
2632 Ashby Ave (between College Ave. and Benvenue Ave.)
11 am to 5 (or 5:30)
Tail of The Yak is normally closed on Sunday but it will be open that day !!

Please, come by !!
I will have limited number of hemp fabric items for sale as well.

September 06, 2013

✿Japan Expo

I went to Japan Expo in Santa Clara a few weeks ago.
I was there to help Ms. keiko Nelson, one of the Visit Kyoto Ambassador.
She had a presentation about Kyoko sightseeing and my job was to wear  Kimono and stand by her. 

There were lots of booth selling Japanese books and animation character wigs.

These Origami works are amazing.

 Lots of people were dressing as anime characters.

It was mixed of Japanese traditional cultures like, Ikebana, Judo, Dance, Taiko drum and Fork art, and also anime (animation) culture.  Lots of people dressed up in anime costume, we call that cosplay (costume play) .

I know Japan Expo in France has been very popular and I think last time they had 150000 attendees but this was the first time in U.S. so it was not as crowded. 
I wish they do it in San Francisco next time.

August 24, 2013

✿Souvenir from Paris

A good friend, Jeremiah gave me a souvenir from Paris.
Macarons (macaroons) from Laduree.  

Last time I was in Paris, my husband and I went to Laduree in Saint-Germain but we got there too late that they run out of all the cakes which we were hoping to have and they only had macarons left. 
So... we ordered some macarons but the server gave us two extra macarons by mistake.  Of-course, we told him that he gave us more than what we order but he was such a gentleman that he just gave us extra macarons.
Thanks to him...

I really love macarons from Laduree.
Merci beaucoup, Jeremiah !  

August 22, 2013


Calligraphy class at Lauren's house is one of my favorite thing to do.  Very creative teacher, friendly classmates, beautiful environment and delicious food by Katherine who is the co-host of the class.
Lauren always gives us hand out prints of pretty ink art and font examples.

Each tables are decorated with pretty flowers picked from her garden.

Katherine's pasta salad.

Clafouti with summer fruits were so amazing and Katherine always give us all the recipe she made for the class.
I've already made this cake 4 times. It's easy and so yummy.