January 01, 2013

✿Happy New Year !

Hello blog readers, Happy new year to all of you!  
I've started my blog in May 2006 when I first went to London and Paris because my friend, Matt and my husband Jasko suggested me to blog so that they could follow my exciting trip.  
It's 2013 now... wow... ! I'm still blogging and that's amazing to me.
It's not easy to be consist because sometime I have nothing to write about or I don't feel like writing anything... but I write because I know you read it ! ... so thank you !

My friend, Serra who lives in NYC visited Paris right before X'mas and sent me this card. It's Coco Chanel painted by Marie Laurencin in 1923.   
Marie Laurencin is one of my favorite painter and I wrote about her HERE.
Thanks Serra for finding me this card !  
Also, thanks so much for those of you who sent us holiday cards...

For the New Year's eve, we were at Christelle's place for (big) lunch.  
She was my French tutor while ago and I think I see her and her family every holiday for last several years now.
Her parents come from France every Christmas holiday and I enjoy seeing them as well. 
We ate so much delicious food... and finally pear cake at the end !  
Thank you so much, Christelle and her family !

For the last few days of 2012, I went to make Mochi in Japan Town in SF and went to a big party at my tea master, Yuko-san's house in Oakland Hill.  
I ended 2012 so happily and I am so excited about 2013... 

Thanks to my family and friends... and you who read my blog...
Let's have great 2013 !