January 15, 2013

✿Normandy Village

This is one of my favorite places in Berkeley, Normandy Village in north side of University of Berkeley Campus. I probably talk about this place on my blog before. 

Every time I have visitors from other city or country, I take them here.
This is just a little cute village and I love this place so much.
I even had my photo shoot taking for my hats and clothes in beautiful model a long time ago.
(you can see some photos on my website www.momoca.com)

These photos were taking when I was showing Berkeley to a friend from Croatia. I took her to Normandy village and UC Berkeley campus that day.

Sather Gate...
My shop was near the campus so I often walked to go to work and went to library as well !
It was also perfect to walk my dog, Ren. (she past away several years ago).