January 09, 2013


Evening of January 1st, I had yummy Japanese meal at friend's house. It was so good that I eat too much ! 
... and on the way back to my house, I was taking to my friends about the perfect moon circle I saw on Christmas Eve night, and that moment, I saw a shooting star in front of my house.
It's been a while since I last saw a shooting star and I was really really happy about that ! (yay)

This little purse is called "Sukiyabukuro" in Japanese and it's often used by people who takes "Sadou" (tea ceremony lesson) or "Buyou" (traditional dance lesson) to put folding fan, handkerchief and money for the lesson etc...  
I didn't have one for my tea ceremony lesson so I made my own.

I did "Sashiko" style stitches and it has magnet closure.

This is the first one I made with linen fabric I bought in Japan last August. 
It looks like air-mail envelope to me.