February 25, 2013

✿Calligraphy Art

These are my drawing using calligraphy pen and ink.
It's letter size paper and I spent 6 ~8 hours for each one in last spring.

I often forgot the time when I was drawing those and my hands and eyes were so tired after that...

Those prints are sold at Collector Art Shop on College Avenue in Berkeley.

February 20, 2013

✿Garden Cake

My friend Saori had a birthday party for her 1 year old daughter.

She made such a cute cake like a garden and decorated with lady fingers and Oreo cookie powder.  She also cut out gummy candies as tulips. 

She also made this with yarn and branches.
She said she was inspired by the dry flowers I have in my house.

It was a really lovely party.  
Happy 1st. birthday, Ako.

February 18, 2013

✿I Love You

On Valentine's day, my husband and I were both working that day so we dicided to have a date on the next day...

After we dicided to have a date the next day, I wasn't expecting anything (like gift or anything...) on that day but when I got home, I saw a beautiful bouquet and " I LOVE YOU " letters on the floor which he created with his art cards. He wasn't home yet so he prepared it before he left for work.
It was so sweet and lovely !  I was really happy and made me smile...
I took out my tripod and took picture of the letters and myself !

and... the next day I work up earlier than Jasko and I got an idea to add " TOO" 
for  " I LOVE YOU, TOO "  I also used his art cards for that...

For our date, we stroll the shops on 4th street in Berkeley and had lunch at Ochame Japanese restaurant.  After that we went to Rose Garden but none of the roses were blooming yet... we sat down at the bench in front of the rose called " Mon Cheri " which means " my darling " in French.  All the roses at Rose Garden in Berkeley has name plates.

It was such a lovely day !

February 12, 2013


Academy Award winner, composer, pop star pianist, activist Ryuichi Sakamoto was in Berkeley last weekend.  He was honored with the Berkeley Japan Prize by the Center for Japan Studies in UC Berkeley.

I've been listening his music for sometime now and I was really honor to be the audience of the panel discotion "Eco-Activism in Japan and the U.S. Post-Fukushima" and to meet with him in person even for a short seconds.
I am familier with his Stop Rokkasho project which is to bring attention to the nuclear reprocessing plant in Rokkasho in Aomori.
My friends Shing02 and DJ A-1 participated in that project.

The concert was so amazing. I closed my eyes sometimes and felt like traveling the dynamic universe and sometime I was walking in rainy Paris... It was so magical and sentimental.

This is one of his famous music for the film, Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.

✿Calligraphy Class 6

As usual beautiful flowers were decorated with beautiful vases on the each tables.

That day I was drawing flowers with gouache.

My calligraphy teacher, Madame Lauren Macintosh has lots of birds  !

All students look for the break time...

Egg sandwiches this time...  

also...  cacao nibs merengue and brownies.

Kathrine makes all these food for us and she give us the recipes as well.

After the calligraphy class, we made paper flowers.

We make candle piece based on a decorated church candle from southern Mexican Village called Teotitlan.
I didn't have good size candle holder so I used Kenzon to hold it.
(Kenzan is used in Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement to hold the flowers)
In the center, I cut out the Tail of The Yak business card and it makes my candle looks nicer.

Past blog post about Calligraphy are here...

February 11, 2013

✿Les Misrables

I saw Les Miserable on last Christmas day !

I knew lots of movies come out on Christmas day in US. It was my first time went to a movie on Christmas day and surprised so many people were at the theatre and lots of tickets were sold out.

I watched this You Tube video like 3 times...
It was amazing to hear the stories from film maker.

This is a short version of interview of the costume designer, Paco Delgado.
I enjoyed all the costumes on this film.

February 06, 2013

✿Pattie Gerrie

Señora, Pattie Gerrie just had her art show in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.
She was wearing beautiful Chinese silk skirt with full of embroideries.
Pattie loves Mexican culture and fashion and she often dress like Frida Kahlo.  She has really long orange hair which I love so much.

Her show was called, " An Inspiration of Mexico/Bali " and was inspired by her 2012 trips to those countries.  Her painting were so colorful as Pattie !  

The art show was held at Polanco Gallery in Hayes Valley and they focus on Mexican art. I found those Santos in the gallery display.  I've seen Santos in Tail of The Yak and they sell them there. I think they are so beautiful.

Mexican culture is something I don't know much... 
I would like to learn...

I wrote about Pettie before here... when we went to High Tea at Lovejoy's Tea Room.  

February 04, 2013


I went to Ohatsugama which is the New Year's first tea ceremony.
I do Omotesenke (style) Tea Ceremony.

My tea master made this pretty "wagashi", Japanese sweets made with beans.
I can't eat most of  wagashi since I was little so I bring them home for Jasko (my husband) .
Most of "wagashi" is made with beans and white sugar and I don't like that texture and taste although I find them so beautiful. 

Many people find it strange that I don't like wagashi and take tea ceremony lesson but for me I like learning the manner of tea lesson itself not wagashi.

One of my tea mate took all these photos that day.

This is my Tea Master, Yuko-Sensei. 
"sensei" means teacher.

After the tea, we had lunch made by Yuko-sensei and there were about fourteen different kinds of dishes.  I don't get to eat this kind of food often so I appreciate her effort for making those special dishes for us.