February 12, 2013

✿Calligraphy Class 6

As usual beautiful flowers were decorated with beautiful vases on the each tables.

That day I was drawing flowers with gouache.

My calligraphy teacher, Madame Lauren Macintosh has lots of birds  !

All students look for the break time...

Egg sandwiches this time...  

also...  cacao nibs merengue and brownies.

Kathrine makes all these food for us and she give us the recipes as well.

After the calligraphy class, we made paper flowers.

We make candle piece based on a decorated church candle from southern Mexican Village called Teotitlan.
I didn't have good size candle holder so I used Kenzon to hold it.
(Kenzan is used in Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement to hold the flowers)
In the center, I cut out the Tail of The Yak business card and it makes my candle looks nicer.

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