February 12, 2013


Academy Award winner, composer, pop star pianist, activist Ryuichi Sakamoto was in Berkeley last weekend.  He was honored with the Berkeley Japan Prize by the Center for Japan Studies in UC Berkeley.

I've been listening his music for sometime now and I was really honor to be the audience of the panel discotion "Eco-Activism in Japan and the U.S. Post-Fukushima" and to meet with him in person even for a short seconds.
I am familier with his Stop Rokkasho project which is to bring attention to the nuclear reprocessing plant in Rokkasho in Aomori.
My friends Shing02 and DJ A-1 participated in that project.

The concert was so amazing. I closed my eyes sometimes and felt like traveling the dynamic universe and sometime I was walking in rainy Paris... It was so magical and sentimental.

This is one of his famous music for the film, Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.