February 04, 2013


I went to Ohatsugama which is the New Year's first tea ceremony.
I do Omotesenke (style) Tea Ceremony.

My tea master made this pretty "wagashi", Japanese sweets made with beans.
I can't eat most of  wagashi since I was little so I bring them home for Jasko (my husband) .
Most of "wagashi" is made with beans and white sugar and I don't like that texture and taste although I find them so beautiful. 

Many people find it strange that I don't like wagashi and take tea ceremony lesson but for me I like learning the manner of tea lesson itself not wagashi.

One of my tea mate took all these photos that day.

This is my Tea Master, Yuko-Sensei. 
"sensei" means teacher.

After the tea, we had lunch made by Yuko-sensei and there were about fourteen different kinds of dishes.  I don't get to eat this kind of food often so I appreciate her effort for making those special dishes for us.