February 06, 2013

✿Pattie Gerrie

Señora, Pattie Gerrie just had her art show in Hayes Valley in San Francisco.
She was wearing beautiful Chinese silk skirt with full of embroideries.
Pattie loves Mexican culture and fashion and she often dress like Frida Kahlo.  She has really long orange hair which I love so much.

Her show was called, " An Inspiration of Mexico/Bali " and was inspired by her 2012 trips to those countries.  Her painting were so colorful as Pattie !  

The art show was held at Polanco Gallery in Hayes Valley and they focus on Mexican art. I found those Santos in the gallery display.  I've seen Santos in Tail of The Yak and they sell them there. I think they are so beautiful.

Mexican culture is something I don't know much... 
I would like to learn...

I wrote about Pettie before here... when we went to High Tea at Lovejoy's Tea Room.