March 24, 2013

✿Bunnies at Tail of The Yak

If you have been reading my blog for sometime, you know how much I love this shop called "Tail of The Yak" and this is the new display of this shop.  They have Easter display with lots of bunny and egg items.

Colorful bunny candles and surprised balls.  These surprised balls has 10 little toys inside but it's too cute to open though...

I love their candles has logo on it.

You can't see the logo but I made this piece with Tail of The Yak candle at Lauren's (one of the owner) calligraphy class.

If you would like to see the candle piece, here it is ...
Calligraphy Class

March 22, 2013

✿Custom Hat & Bag

I had custom orders of a hat and a bag the other day.
I have been making custom order items but I think I never wrote anything on this blog before. I think I will post some custom order items on this blog sometime from now on...
I have this hat style from before and she requested to use her own fabric and  extra small size for her small head.

This is a bag I made for the other lady. She saw me carrying the bag I made and she wanted the same bag in her own fabric as well.  This is actually the inside out and has lots of pockets. This bag is reversible so she can use it in either side.

This is the outside look. I did Sashiko stiches.

If you would like me to make something custom made, feel free to let me know.
My email is available at my web site !

March 10, 2013

✿Cake & Peony

My Tea Ceremony friends and I had a birthday party for our master, Yuko-san.
We did potluck and I had request from 2 people to make cake so I made this 2 layers of green tea sponge cake with mix of whipped cream and cream cheese.  I put cream and banana between the layer and kiwi and blueberries as topping.
I didn't make cake for over 2 months so I enjoyed making it.  
I always love making sweets ! (of curse, eating part too !)

There were lots of yummy Japanese food on the table and I ate so much that night !

It's been so warm here in Berkeley and the other day I did gardening and it was so refreshing !  I want to plant more flowers...

 Oh... peonies are blooming in my garden right now !

March 02, 2013

✿Momoca New Online Shop

Momoca has a new online shopping site now.
I told 3 people about my site a few days ago just to see how it would work and 2 of them bought my hats. (thank you!)

I make my hats with lots of care and love and every time I sell my hats (especially the favorite ones)  it's little sad to see them go... 
I wish my hats get lots of opportunity to be worn by the new owners...
so I will have to make more hats !

Visit my store on Storenvy

Here is my site !
Thank you.