March 10, 2013

✿Cake & Peony

My Tea Ceremony friends and I had a birthday party for our master, Yuko-san.
We did potluck and I had request from 2 people to make cake so I made this 2 layers of green tea sponge cake with mix of whipped cream and cream cheese.  I put cream and banana between the layer and kiwi and blueberries as topping.
I didn't make cake for over 2 months so I enjoyed making it.  
I always love making sweets ! (of curse, eating part too !)

There were lots of yummy Japanese food on the table and I ate so much that night !

It's been so warm here in Berkeley and the other day I did gardening and it was so refreshing !  I want to plant more flowers...

 Oh... peonies are blooming in my garden right now !