March 22, 2013

✿Custom Hat & Bag

I had custom orders of a hat and a bag the other day.
I have been making custom order items but I think I never wrote anything on this blog before. I think I will post some custom order items on this blog sometime from now on...
I have this hat style from before and she requested to use her own fabric and  extra small size for her small head.

This is a bag I made for the other lady. She saw me carrying the bag I made and she wanted the same bag in her own fabric as well.  This is actually the inside out and has lots of pockets. This bag is reversible so she can use it in either side.

This is the outside look. I did Sashiko stiches.

If you would like me to make something custom made, feel free to let me know.
My email is available at my web site !