May 01, 2013

✿My Family Visit

My family from Japan was visiting me and we went so many places in such a short time. 
We flew to Las Vegas and  went to Grand Canyon. 
I've been to Grand Canyon once long long time ago for a short period of time but this time we were on tour so we spent about 3 ~ 4 hours in different locations and it was nice.

 Other side of the canyon had beautiful view with clear sky.

The view of the Las Vegas Strip from the air plane in evening.

and then... Twin peaks in San Francisco.
We took a boat ride from pier 39, drove through the Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge, had Cable Car ride, etc... we were sightseeing a lot.

and then... we went to Sonoma and Napa.  

The days went so quickly and the day they left to Japan, I felt so lonely.  
It was a really fun time with my family ! 
I can't wait to go back to Japan again !