May 29, 2013

✿My Friend's Wedding

My friend, Nina just got married !
Nina and her husband got married at Buddhist church in Oakland.

Reception was held at the first floor of Berkeley Art Museum.

This lovely little girl, Mieko was the flower girl.  
She was so cute that she held my forefinger and didn't let go for a long time... 

I wore Kimono that I got from my Great Grandmother's closet.  She past away when I was 18 years old but this kimono was passed on to me from family.  She was a small person (maybe like 20 cm shorter than me = at least 8 inches shorter) so this kimono is small on me but I love it so much.
(no one can really tell that it's too small on me here in America, I think)

It's always fun to attend wedding and feel the love and happiness of bride and groom.