May 15, 2013

✿Tea Ceremony

I had my very first Tea Ceremony and invited my own guests. 
This is the Tea House where I practice tea manners 2 to 3 times each month.
Tea Ceremony changes tools, way of setting and way of serving tea many times throughout the year depending on the season so it is really not easy to remember each way, that's why we practice.

My beautiful guests, Lauren, Pattie and Sophia enjoyed Maccha tea and tea sweets.

I did lots of tea serving simulation before I went to sleep and when I walk up for a week and I was really happy that I did it fine.  

After the tea ceremony, we had obento lunch which my teacher made. There were at least 11 different dishes and dessert.

My guest Lauren brought me a beautiful gift with beautiful flowers which smelled very nice. I think these flowers are from her garden.

Look how pretty she decorated inside the box.  I shared the goodies with my tea mates afterwards and my husband ate most of them.

I had such a lovely time that day and I am really thankful to my tea master (teacher) Yuko-san for giving me the chance to serve tea to my guests.  
It was a really nice opportunity to recognized how much I've learned in last few years.