June 27, 2013

✿Sale Event

I'm going to have a booth at Treasure Island Flea this weekend !

If you never been there, you will enjoy going there. 
You would find many kinds of stuffs such as antiques, vintage clothes, home decor, plants and hand made items, art works and also lots of prepackaged food vendors.
There will be some food trucks as well.

It's at Treasure Island on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th, 10am ~ 4pm.

My booth number is #246
I hope you can stop by !

June 07, 2013

✿Anandamayi's Surprised Balls

Look at these beautiful peaches made with crepe papers.
These peaches has 10 surprises inside and they are called "surprised balls" and my favorite shop, Tail of The Yak sells them.  Anandamayi Arnold makes them just for that shop ! You can't not find them anywhere else but at Tail of The Yak.

She has been written up in magazine internationally and I am really amazed by her delicate and beautiful works.


You can only find the surprises by unwrapping the layers of crepe papers. 
(of-course, you don't have to open it though...)
Check out this photo, you see what I mean...

Lilies and radishes

Anandamayi is having her art show in Japan very soon and I wanted to mention where it's happening, in case you might live in Japan now.


The show is at YAECA apartment store, in Nakameguro
June 11th, 2013
address:1-21-22 Higashiyama Nakameguro, tokyo (building name is Riviera and room number is 2B)

phone: 03-5708-5586 ( they didn't announce the time of the show on their website, so please call)

Passion fruits
Every parts are done by crepe papers including the flower.

Bird nest and roses
These are surprises in the nest and inside of the little egg.

Turnips (radishes?)


June 01, 2013

✿Bjork Concert

I went to Bjork concert last week.
It was held at the beautiful building Craneway Pavilion in Richmond (near Berkeley) .
It was by the bay and some people traveled by boat from San Francisco.
The view of San Francisco over the bay.

She sang so beautifully just like her CD's...
I know it's not easy to sing good as music CD... but she does...

I had such an amazing time and I was so glad that I wore highest heals on my foot so I could see her better.
She sang a few songs from Vespertine album which is my favorite.  

In 2002 or 2003, I did theatical fashion show with her music Aurora from this album.  I did many shows but that was my favorite.

I found some videos from the concert last week !