July 29, 2013


Anthropologie always have cute and fun display at the store front.
I think these display were from 2 months ago.
When I went there a little while ago, they had new display !

All of them were made with waxed papers.

The watermelon was my favorite ones... so cute !

July 24, 2013


I love going to calligraphy class that Lauren, one of the owner of Tail of The Yak teaches.
Lauren has been offering her calligraphy class for over 20 years.
She always display beautiful flowers on each tables from her garden.

and... Catherine, the co-host of calligraphy class makes fabulous food for us.
That day, she made green bean and potato salad and this cake.

During the class, I wrote this "Happy Wedding" for my cousin in law who were getting marry the next day.
I made this as a wedding card and put it on the wedding gift for them.  I also wrote bride and groom names and date on the bottom of the card as well.

Tomorrow is the last calligraphy class for this session and in the afternoon, Lauren offers craft class.  I'm so looking forward to it and also yummy treats that Catherine makes.

✿Construction Birthday !

The day after my birthday was my friend, Serra's half brother's birthday.  They have different mothers so their age is so apart and he just turned 4 years old.

This birthday party had construction theme so they had construction helmets and vests for everyone.  I was even wearing this little helmet and vest as well.  
Can you imaging...? 

They were supposed to build this cardboard house and paint it but they were destroying it by getting in and out over and over. I mean, they were having so much fun ! 
There were about 20 kids so this little house wasn't large enough for everyone to fit in, I guess. haha...

They had a bouncing house as well and I was even jumping like a little girl with them.  
Ah... so fun to be like kid again !  

Of-course, they had a construction cake. 
All the kids wanted to have "ROCK" jerry beans on their cake.

They had a piñata to destroy at the end ! 
It was a very nice party with many little boys ! 

July 22, 2013

✿Birthday in Sausalito

I just had my birthday! My friend Mayuko and I took ferry from San Francisco to North side of the bay in Sausalito (Marin County) to cerebrate my birthday together.

View from Sausalito over San Francisco.

We had very nice lunch at italian restaurant, Poggio.  

We saw a pink eyelash car ! 
I was singing and dancing "Tsukematsukeru" song by Kyary Pamyupamyu when I saw it.
This song is about putting eyelashes... very cute ! 
( Kyary pamyupamyu is coming to SF this Sunday in Union Square ! )

We went back to Ferry Building and shop around... and found beautiful flowers...

We had dinner at Delica where my friend Tomoko works in Ferry Building.
The chef, Mikiko-san gave me this lovely sushi-cake !
I had such a great birthday with Mayuko and Delica crew.
Thank you so much !

Please, check out Chef Mikiko Ando's beautiful sushi here.

July 02, 2013

✿Street Fair

I will be joining Temescal Street Fair this Sunday, July 7th. between noon to 6 pm.

I will have new straw and fabric hats as well as hair accessories and fascinators !

Momoca booth will be at 49th Street (at Telegraph) right in front of the Bank of The West and my booth number is 28.

Please, come say hi and see what I have been making these days !!

July 7th 2013
Telegraph Ave between 51st and 41st Street 
(my booth at 49th Street)
Noon to 6 p.m.

straw braid barrette and lots of new items !