July 22, 2013

✿Birthday in Sausalito

I just had my birthday! My friend Mayuko and I took ferry from San Francisco to North side of the bay in Sausalito (Marin County) to cerebrate my birthday together.

View from Sausalito over San Francisco.

We had very nice lunch at italian restaurant, Poggio.  

We saw a pink eyelash car ! 
I was singing and dancing "Tsukematsukeru" song by Kyary Pamyupamyu when I saw it.
This song is about putting eyelashes... very cute ! 
( Kyary pamyupamyu is coming to SF this Sunday in Union Square ! )

We went back to Ferry Building and shop around... and found beautiful flowers...

We had dinner at Delica where my friend Tomoko works in Ferry Building.
The chef, Mikiko-san gave me this lovely sushi-cake !
I had such a great birthday with Mayuko and Delica crew.
Thank you so much !

Please, check out Chef Mikiko Ando's beautiful sushi here.