July 24, 2013


I love going to calligraphy class that Lauren, one of the owner of Tail of The Yak teaches.
Lauren has been offering her calligraphy class for over 20 years.
She always display beautiful flowers on each tables from her garden.

and... Catherine, the co-host of calligraphy class makes fabulous food for us.
That day, she made green bean and potato salad and this cake.

During the class, I wrote this "Happy Wedding" for my cousin in law who were getting marry the next day.
I made this as a wedding card and put it on the wedding gift for them.  I also wrote bride and groom names and date on the bottom of the card as well.

Tomorrow is the last calligraphy class for this session and in the afternoon, Lauren offers craft class.  I'm so looking forward to it and also yummy treats that Catherine makes.