July 24, 2013

✿Construction Birthday !

The day after my birthday was my friend, Serra's half brother's birthday.  They have different mothers so their age is so apart and he just turned 4 years old.

This birthday party had construction theme so they had construction helmets and vests for everyone.  I was even wearing this little helmet and vest as well.  
Can you imaging...? 

They were supposed to build this cardboard house and paint it but they were destroying it by getting in and out over and over. I mean, they were having so much fun ! 
There were about 20 kids so this little house wasn't large enough for everyone to fit in, I guess. haha...

They had a bouncing house as well and I was even jumping like a little girl with them.  
Ah... so fun to be like kid again !  

Of-course, they had a construction cake. 
All the kids wanted to have "ROCK" jerry beans on their cake.

They had a piñata to destroy at the end ! 
It was a very nice party with many little boys !