August 04, 2013

✿Chez Panisse

It's already been more than a year since I made a fascinator (hair accessory) for Alice Waters for her restaurant, Chez Panisse Bastille day, July 14th cerebration party .

Chez Panisse had fire back in March and they just reopened in end of June.  
I know they had fire problem in the past as well but I am so amazed that they are in business for 42 years and continuing to influence the community and the world not only to eat healthy local organic food but sustainable life style. 

I went there in beginning of July and had a great dinner !   
I ordered yellow tail for appetizer and polenta for main.

For dessert, I had panna cotta.  
It was creamy and yummy !

Such a beautiful restaurant inside and out and so honored to be there each time. (it's not like I go there a lot though... haha)   

Here is what I made for Alice last year.
The article of plant sale at Edible Schoolyard from last year is here.

Japanese TV made 4 series of docmentary of Alice Waters last year.
This is the PV. (it's in English, Japanese subtitle)

Also, here is a interesting article.