September 06, 2013

✿Japan Expo

I went to Japan Expo in Santa Clara a few weeks ago.
I was there to help Ms. keiko Nelson, one of the Visit Kyoto Ambassador.
She had a presentation about Kyoko sightseeing and my job was to wear  Kimono and stand by her. 

There were lots of booth selling Japanese books and animation character wigs.

These Origami works are amazing.

 Lots of people were dressing as anime characters.

It was mixed of Japanese traditional cultures like, Ikebana, Judo, Dance, Taiko drum and Fork art, and also anime (animation) culture.  Lots of people dressed up in anime costume, we call that cosplay (costume play) .

I know Japan Expo in France has been very popular and I think last time they had 150000 attendees but this was the first time in U.S. so it was not as crowded. 
I wish they do it in San Francisco next time.