October 14, 2013

✿Hemp Apron

I made these aprons for the Ippuku Japanese restaurant in Berkeley.
The owner of Ippuku ordered these aprons for all the waitress.  I put all the girls initial on the pockets. 
I love Ippuku restaurant because my friends works there as waitress and chef.  They have many tasty dishes and owners are very nice people.
My favorite from Ippuku is squid ink fried rice !!  Teuchi soba is yummy too !

I haven't gone there since I made these aprons and I can't wait to see them wearing them.
I will visit soon !

This one is for my friend who works at the bakery in San Francisco.  She wanted a full length apron.
She also wanted a little removable pocket to put Iphone so that she can listen music while she is at work but when she is near hot oven, she wants the Iphone pocket to be put away.

I have been making lots of hemp fabric towel lately.
It dries quickly in the bathroom and I like the feeling of it.
Hemp fabric is so wonderful !!