October 29, 2013

✿Lauren Mcintosh

~ Innocent And Urban ~

Madame Lauren is having her art show at Oakpolice in Oakland right now.  I visited at the opening night.

Lauren is someone I admire a lot as an artist, as a business owner and as woman. 
I love her art work and the way she decorates her shop, Tail of The Yak as well as her beautiful home.  

My favorite shop, the fantasyland, Tail of The Yak has been there for 41 years and has so many funs from all over.  Lauren and other owner, Alice has such an amazing sense of finding the rare things and decorating the shop in magical way.

Lauren is such a beautiful person in and out.  
She always makes me feel that she cares about me and  share her thought and time with me.  I am so happy that I met her and I feel close to her.  
Lauren, I am so grateful that you are in my life, you are such an inspirational person to me.

She was wearing a linen dress that had her art work printed on...  so lovely...

Go see the show and enjoy her world !

How about visiting when Oakland Art Murmur on First Friday or Saturday Stroll day !

Oakopolice Creativity Center
447 25th Street
oakland, CA 94612