November 27, 2013

✿Tail of The Yak, My Favorite Place

This shop is so special, its nothing like it... 
Full of beautiful things from Europe, South and Central America, Asia and some from Africa, like antique jewelries from 18th century Britain and France, inovative staionary from Japan and old textiles from Ukulain.  

These photos were taken a few months ago...
and now they have christmas decollation you must see!

Very Magical place...
soon, I will post how this shop looks now for the holiday season !

November 26, 2013

✿Harvest Fair at Woldorf

It was my second time I had my hat booth at East Bay Waldorf School harvest faire.  I was so glad that I had many return customers who were looking for me to be there again this year.

I saw many cute vendors had cute things, too...
like this...  dolls !

My friend painted 7 panels for each activity areas. This one is for the fairy tail area.

This one is for Sleeping Giant area.

November 10, 2013


My friend Sawa-chan made these beautiful Wagashi (Japanese sweet) called Nerikiri which is made with Anko (sweet bean paste) for out tea ceremony lesson. Aren't they so beautiful?
There are black bean Anko inside and pumpkin and white Anko outside. (if remember correctly)
We eat those sweets while we drink Matcha tea at tea ceremony. 

Everyone loved the taste of it too! 
I don't like Wagashi taste but I appreciate the beauty of it.
Thank you Sawa-chan.