December 30, 2013

✿Last Tea Ceremony 2013

This is my Tea Master, Yuko-san.
I have " Okeiko " (lessons) 2 ~ 3 times a month in this beautiful tea house in Yuko-san's Japanese garden.
Many tea tools changes by the season and also the way we serve tea changes according to that, for example, where the cup locates, the direction of bamboo ladle rest on pot are so precise and we learn to master every steps.   It's too complicated to explain but there are lots of rules we have to master.  
Tea ceremony is all about " Omotenashi " meaning treating the guest with gracious hospitality.  
Japanese culture pays attention to treating others with more respect and more and more I discover little things we do in tea ceremony, I am understanding that tea ceremony is the core of our culture. 

Yuko-san made these beautiful tea sweets.
That was my last lesson of this year.

I started learning tea ceremony in 2011 and I feel little more comfortable to serve tea to my tea mates now but I often forgets some steps.  I would like to serve more beautifully and I hope my tea master let us invite friends again to the tea house.
 * see when I invited my friends as my guests HERE

Now, I am so looking forward for " Ohatsugama "  (New year's first tea ceremony) . We will have Osechi and Ozoni (Japanese New year's traditional food) and of-corse Maccha tea and sweets.