December 25, 2013

✿Merry Christmas !

I went to Lauren's beautiful christmas eve party last night and I had such a great time. (I will post about it later...)

Now, I'm posing this blog from my bed. I can't get out of my bed this morning... well, it's already 1:3o in the afternoon.  I have very low energy... very tired... I hope I didn't caught a cold from my husband.  My husband has been sick and he stayed at home yesterday and watched 5 movies on Netflix.
I'm going to a dinner party at my friend's house in several hours so I want to rest little more on bed, I think...
I'm so glad I already made a Matccha cheese cake yesterday to bring tonight so I get to be lazy on the bed...

Also, I have many things I want to post on blog which I haven't been for almost a month.
I am planing to post little more often for next several days... ( I hope )

After the big storm, I picked up lots of blanches and made a wreath. 
I think it came out very pretty. I made this for Lauren who had a birthday and I enjoyed looking at it for a few days before I gave it to her.