January 31, 2014


Last Saturday, I went to Ohatsugama. 
It's the first ceremony of the year and we have a special way of having tea and also we have special new year meal.  
In this photo, my tea master, Yuko-san is making very thick matcha tea in a cup that's real gold inside. After Thick tea, we have thin tea in other cup. Each cups are specific for the kinds of the tea we drink. Of-course, the manner of making and drinking thick tea and thin tea are different.

Pretty Wagashi half in white and another half in pale pink.
Wagashi is Japanese sweets. Wa 和 means Japanese (also means peace) gashi (= kashi) means sweets or snacks.  We call western sweets Yogashi. Yo 洋 means Western (also means ocean).

This outside white and pink are made with Tsukune potato and it has sweet red bean paste inside.   

I love going to Tea ceremony but I can't eat Japanese sweets. My master and tea mates think it's very funny (weird) but I just can't eat them... I especially don't like sweet red bean paste... I love French sweets much more but it doesn't stop me not going to tea ceremony.

Osechi is the food we eat in new year. 
My tea master made so many kinds of Osechi food for us. 12 different kinds of delicious dishes in obento box.