March 27, 2014

✿Garden Party

Hello !

Did you notice that I just change the design of my blog.
It's a bit wider and has menu bar on both side of the articles and now I have instagram photos above the blog post.

I also change the background color from light green to light blue because the article title can't change from blue.

I hope you enjoy my instagram and hope you like the new look of my blog !

Thank you.

The Photo is from when I spent a lovely afternoon at a friend's garden party...  

March 04, 2014

✿The Possible at BAM

My calligraphy teacher and friend, Lauren is part of " The Possible" exhibit at Berkeley Art Museum. 

I went to Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley last Friday for the opening of "The Possible".
It's me and Lauren on the circle rug.

The museum became the workshop of many artists and they creates art there.

At one corner, there is pottery area as well !

Here is the schedule for workshop.