July 15, 2014

Birthday Party

have been away from blogging since I started Instagram. Instagram is much easier so I'm getting lazy writing an articles.  You see my Instagram links and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos ! If you click them, you can see my comments there as well. (^◇^)
I had my birthday a few days ago and my living room has been smelling so wonderful from all these flowers I got from friends. 
My husband's birthday is just 2 days after me so we always celebrate together. This year, we invited our friends and had a garden party !

I cooked all the meal mainly Japanese food and decorated garden with pretty garlands and lanterns❤️
I enjoyed the party so much ! It's so nice to see all my friends together. 

My friend, Aki who is a pastrie chef made the strawberry cake and Ali made the chocolate cake for us. Other friend got the fruit tarte from Lafarine bakery as well ! There were all so yummy ❤️

I just clean the garden a little while ago. I can reuse this pretty things again for future parties, I guess !
While the weather is nice, I want to have another garden party !