September 03, 2014

Edible School Yard Fundrasing at Chez Pannise

This was back in June, Chez Pannise had a fundrasing party for Edible School Yard Project. 
I helped Lauren McIntosh, decorating the restaurant for the fundrasing party !
Three colors of paper lantens and big bows all over the restaurant ! ah... that was so pretty !
Lauren design the special day menu with sun flower and her beautiful calligraphy letters.
The tablecloths and napkins were designed by Chiristina Kim by DOSA from LA.
There were seasonal fruits, apricots on the table and all the  tablecloths, napkins and menu were same color.

After we finished decorating the restaurant, they offered us dinner at outside patio. I think this is only employes allowed area.
It was fun watching servers coming and going and getting vegetables and wine from the fridge.
That was such a lovely day !